Sunday, July 14, 2024

Projects I am currently involved in:

  1. How to write a scientific paper
  2. Semantic Knowledge Base - powered by KIEG
  3. Unified Process Metamodel - my Ph.D. topic
  4. Association Oriented Metamodel - powered by KIEG
  5. Analysis, Processing and Recognition - powered by KIEG

Projects that are finished or I am no longer part of

  1. Laboratory of Modern Technologies (Opole Univeristy) - project's lider
  2. JavaTech - WUST students organization
  3. Production Unit Performance Management Tool (PUPMT) – DSR S.A.
  4. Deep Recommendation based on Collective Knowledge - WUST funded by DAAD in the program "Programm Projektbezogener Personenaustausch Polen 2018".
  5. Development and preparation for the implementation of TopShow3D hardware improvements and in the field of software designed for automatic, adaptive and computationally efficient segmentation of image sequences as tools for creating virtual (VR) and extended (AR) reality content - TOP COOP KONRAD MAJ (PM)
  6. Paleontology speciments digitalisation - powered by KIEG (PM)
  7. Technology for assessing the continuous quality of raw materials at the time of acceptance for storage as well as during all stages of the entire storage process. - Agropol
  8. Electronic Document Workflow Implementation - University of Opole (PM)
  9. AriadnaLife Active Search and Rescue System - Trackimo Ltd. (R&D PM)
  10. An intelligent system for creating maps for 3D games based on the Unreal Engine using machine learning techniques - Spacewalkers
  11. Perfect Science - Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems - WUST
  12. HAPADS: Highly Accurate and Autonomous Programmable Platform for Providing Air Pollution Data Services to Drivers and the Public - WUST