Thursday, December 07, 2023

The course Database Design - ORACLE is conducted in the form of lectures and computer laboratories.

  1. As part of the classes, students become familiar with increasingly advanced topics related to managing databases in the Oracle DBMS environment.
  2. During the classes, students solve tasks from provided lists and present their progress in class.
  3. Attendance in classes is mandatory.
  4. A detailed description of the rules governing the course is provided on this page, which is updated as needed.


The notes for PL SQL are coming, please be patient.

If you find any error in the lecture, please send your feedback through MS Teams. There shall be reward for that :)


  • List 0
  • List 1 - deadline 11/10/2023 (extended due to numerous questions)
  • List 2 - deadline 12/08/2023 (extended by teacher)
  • List 3 - deadline 01/12/2024
  • List 4 - deadline 02/02/2024

Evaluation details

  1. There are four (4) lists for which you can get up to fifteen (15) points.
  2. You need to complete ALL four lists and send them by the end of semester.
  3. Three out of four lists should be marked as solved (by the teacher). Solved does not imply marked for full fifteen points.
  4. Once you have three lists completed you have passed the labs.
  5. The grade you have passed is derived from points you gathered.
  6. There will be a way to skip the test, but it relates to the number of points you gathered, so work hard.

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